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A thousand stories under the sea, casted in silver to sustain your journeys far and wide. Influenced by a childhood along the Southern Ocean of Australia, the Coral Gardens Collection captures the vital first layer of life in our seas. Temperate waters where the starfish lay and the coral flourish is rich and refreshing. Immerse yourself with the delicate and vast puzzle of the sea, you never know what may catch your eye. 

Bandicoot statement pieces originate from the red dirt and indigo seas of southern Australia.  Designed by conservationist Brinkley Davies, our collections are ethically sourced, carved and casted to capture the wild encounters of many voyages. Our pieces are crafted of high quality, Italian 925 sterling silver to withstand the roughest of seas. We at Bandicoot value the accountability of our craftsmanship and the ability to tell the stories of our efforts to sustain the natural habitats of native Australian species.