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About Us

Created with nature in mind by conservationist Brinkley Davies, Bandicoot jewellery is ethically designed for old souls with young eyes, vintage hearts and brave minds. Our statement pieces are sustainability forged in order to preserve the depths of adventures for the modern activist.

We are the storytellers and voyagers from the high seas to shores. Much like the native Australian Bandicoot, our pieces are small and resilient to withstand the challenges that lie ahead. Therefore, we dedicate ten percent of our collection towards the environmental conservation of native natural habitats.


Our Ethos

We are committed to creating a community around Bandicoot because we value ethically produced goods which are unique and timeless, and we prioritize environmental conservation. 

Our high quality 925 sterling silver pieces are designed by Brinkley Davies. Our silver is sustainably made with passion by craftsmen in Italy and Germany. 

By personally knowing our team from the very beginning, through the design process, through to it being delivered to you, we make sure each step of the way is sustainable. 

Ethical production of jewellery and clothing play a large part in both only human rights and respect, but environmental protection. 

By creating and purchasing products which are higher quality, unique and not mass produced, we are supporting a healthy future for those working in fashion. Quality, not quantity, for our environment, by creating products that last, and by ensuring not only our products but packaging is environmentally sustainable. 

On top of our production process, quality and connections to each part of our company, we also are contributing 10% to Australian Charity Balu Blue Foundation, to assist in their work for land and marine based wildlife conservation. 

Balu Blue, founded by Brinkley Davies as a project close to her heart which has now grown into its own, volunteer run, Australia Charity, has achieved some great milestones for Australian conservation projects. With the assistance of more funds and support, will be able to assist further in these areas.

Australian native wildlife has suffered greatly over the last decade due to mostly habitat loss, fires, and exploitation. We aim to support Balu Blue in their projects, to help protect areas for native wildlife to exist, for the future, such as the endangered species like the Australian Bandicoot, alongside many other Australian animals which suffer from habitat loss.