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Bandicoot is committed to minimize environmental destruction through environmentally friendly materials, manufacturing and packaging. We do this by prioritizing ethical practices and supporting certified workplaces. Together we rise for those creatures who cannot share their stories of loss and displacement.



The Science of our Gemstones, Opals and Diamonds 

Our silver, metal and additional high end materials originate from credible environmental sources. We also utilize the power of lab-grown gemstones, opals and diamonds which reproduce natural processes and are proven to emit a much lighter carbon footprint. 

The difference of lab-grown and mine-derived stones lies within the production. The mineral composition is created with a process almost identical to what nature does beneath the earth over millions of years, only, at a fraction of the time, without the taxes of mining, to the environment.  Lab grown gemstones are harvested in established buildings among active civilizations with minimal impact. Mine-derived gemstones and diamonds often generate mass destructive mining earth far from civilization, often leaving behind many pollutants.

In addition to the environmental benefits of lab harvesting, it is renowned that the mining of diamonds and gemstones in many countries withholds a horrific history of exploited human rights, criminal corruption, exploitation and conflict.

Although we are hopeful the diamond and gemstone industry is on the mend, there certainly are companies exhibiting ethical practices. 

Therefore, we choose to subtract the risk of supporting an imbalanced industry by selecting lab-harvested gemstones. 

Australian Opals, are an industry which does include well established opal mines being used, such as in the Opal Fields of South Australia. However, to use these precious stones, means correctly supporting the origin, and a different price range. We may release a range of Australian Opals, and ethically derived Pearls, in a special range in the future.  . . 



Sourced for Likeminded Individuals 

We stride confidently on our path towards ethical practices. We are proud to preserve of origin of our products and the craftsmen who forge them. Their journey begins here.

Our hand carved packaging, dog tags and bottle openers are forged by a family owned and operated team inland QLD, Australia. Their passion for wild adventures and the Australian way are intricately casted within each piece. 

Our silver is sourced from Italy and Germany, then shaped and designed in Indonesia. Our merchant solely possesses The Responsible Gold Certificate from LBMA. This certification ensures the exchange of minerals from sources who are free from illegal mining, money laundering, terrorism, human rights violations and human trafficking. This is also a requirement for those who refine the silver to obtain the same certification and ethics. 

Our team, who’s craftsmanship is like no other, are professionals in all aspects of their jobs. Our employees are well treated, fairly paid, insured with both full medical and pension plans, holiday pay, maternity leave, lunch budget and in generally a happy group that has worked a great deal of time together in a family styled environment with good communication and focus on common respect, this is of crucial importance to us, from start to finish, we are supporting an forward economy of ethical, slow jewellery trade, which values quality, and respect.