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For The Wild

We are active and committed to giving 10% FOR THE WILD. Therefore, we dedicate a larger contribution on behalf our planet — she is our greatest muse and vital for our existence. We assist all forms of natural habitats in various stages of preservation, regrowth or resuscitation.   



10% For The Wild

Bandicoot contributes 10% of all profits towards Balu Blue Foundation, a Registered Australian Environmental Charity. 

Established in Australia by Brinkley Davies in 2016, with a purpose of education, research and conservation, for protection and enhancement of the natural environment through small and large scale action.

They are largely acknowledged for their advocacy and activity to preserve the Great Southern Reef of Australia. 

Their foundations are built upon research and conservation of marine environments, rescue of native wildlife and restoration of destroyed habitats to provide sanctuary for our wildlife.

In the wake of the recent fire destruction across Australia, Balu Blue provided ongoing support and resources of native animal displacement, rescue and care. 
Balu Blue demonstrates education of wildlife rescue and sustainable living with a lighter footprint, minimising harm to all oceans, animals and planet.