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Bandicoot Jewellery Care

For beautiful things to last, they need love, and care  . . . . 
Each Bandicoot piece is carefully designed, crafted and tested over a long period of time, to ensure no faults. All of our pieces are made from precious metals, stones and details.
Our Sterling Silver is high quality 925 Sterling Silver, which is finished and buffed to perfection. When cared for and maintained correctly, these pieces should last a lifetime.
Although we have utmost confidence in our product quality, it is entirely up to you, how they are maintained and cared for once in your hands.
We of course, encourage salty adventures, and well travelled souls, however, some pieces take a little extra love to keep shiny, so here is one of our favourite tips -
Our story began in salt water, we love the sea, and we love wearing our jewels in the sea, however, it requires extra love with this  . . 
Although we know Sterling Silver can be worn in the ocean, (and we love to wear it in there) amongst other bodies of water, different minerals and different waters will affect even the best silver over time, and often causes it to tarnish. 
It is out of our hands how much or how little you wear our pieces in water, so below is some tips on how to make sure your favourite silver pieces last. 

Delicate Pieces - Some pieces are more delicate than others, such as our Apex Drop Earring. While some will be more sturdy for actives such as diving, and so forth.
We recommend our delicate pieces for more delicate times, and if you choose to wear our silver on your adventures, opt for our more secure items. 

We highly recommend always: 
  • Rinse your jewellery in fresh water every time is is exposed to salt, or heavy water. 
  • Clean your silver to shiny perfection with a mild soapy water solution, then pat dry with a soft cloth, follow with our polishing cloth. This will allow the silver to come up shiny again.
  • Avoid swimming pools, spas/s as they are high in chlorine.
  • Polish your jewellery often to avoid or remove tarnish, with your Bandicoot polishing cloth.
  • Avoid wearing delicate pieces during activities where they make be pulled, or entangled (such as long dangly pieces if you have long hair during high energy activities, as an example).
  • Sterling silver, precious stones, gold and other delicate details are subject to being dropped, knocked, catching, entanglement and so forth, this is dependent on how careful you are with them, and is not considered a fault. Please do not contact us with breaks causes by any of these reasons or similar, if you wish to fix your jewellery, please contact your local jeweller. 
  • Precious metals such as gold, sterling silver, stainless steel and other details do naturally tarnish over time, depending on what they are exposed to.
  • You can simply remove tarnish with our Bandicoot Polishing cloth,  and our care instructions above. 
Avoid where possible:
  • Storing in direct sunlight, humidity or high temperatures
  • Mild or harsh chemicals such as chlorine or bleach
  • Poor storage, make sure to store your jewellery somewhere it is safe from being squashed, scratched or banged.
  • We recommend storing pieces separately to avoid the above.
Other factors which may affect silver
Direct contact with the following: 
  • Perfumes
  • Moisturisers
  • Hair Products and sprays
  • Makeup
  • Detergents/ Household Cleaning Items
We recommend using earth friendly products in all aspects of your home, and beauty routines, these will also allow for longer lifetimes of your jewellery.
Much Love