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Eco Packaging

Only the best, Eco-Friendly Packaging, always

Packaging is one of the main factors that contribute to plastic pollution across the globe, we are committed to helping change this with our products.

By choosing eco-friendly options, we are helping the change the way people buy, lessening the amount of product packaging, promoting the use of recycled materials, and eliminating the use of toxic materials in the production of packaging.

Each Bandicoot item will be packed in recycled brown paper-pulp padded bags. These bags are rugged, and heavily cushioned with recycled paper fibre, ensuring your pieces are well protected for the journey into your hands. They will then be hand stamped with our Bandicoot trademark.

They are recyclable, can be put into your compost or organic waste bin, so that they can help our earth, not harm it.


What does your jewellery come with?         

To ensure the safety, and longevity of your Bandicoot pieces, they are accompanied with specialty packaging first.

Rings will be displayed in a custom Bandicoot black ring box, constructed of art paper covered cardboard, which has a black vegan-leather pull, where your ring can live in plush black vegan-suede.

Your earrings and necklaces will come in a custom Bandicoot high-quality vegan leather pouch, which has an internal divider to keep items separate if need be, and a drawstring to keep precious items safe with a soft interior.

All items will be accompanied with a high quality, black jewellery polishing cloth, this is the ensure that you can polish your jewellery to keep it looking its best always. See our care instructions for more.


Want to go even more eco?

For an additional $40 you can own an Australia handmade and carved, wooden Bandicoot Jewellery box, these are a collectors item, and will easily fit a few of your favourite pieces, to sit pretty on your bedroom dresser, or bathroom bench. 

See our store to purchase one today.