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Aurelia Pearl Pendants - Pair ( pendants only )

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Our Aurelia Collection statement pieces feature unique designs ready for all occasions, for the true sea-farers. 

feat - Baroque pearls - reminiscing and reflecting unique and exquisite natural forms.

Aurelia Pearl Pendant - interchange-able 

Our inter-changeable pearl pendants are the perfect addition to dress up your hoops, to create a time-less look. 

  • Handcrafted Unique Design inspired by the sea to take with you wherever you please.
  • High Quality .925 Sterling Silver make up the pendant hoop and all details 
  • Baroque Pearl 9.5mm x 5mm wide, may vary in forms and shapes slightly as the feature natural variations in the process. Our Baroque Pearls are lab grown, and hold the same quality, and shine, as a real pearl, difference is not obvious to the naked eye, allowing everyone to wear pearls and shine! 
  • Read more about why we choose lab-created opals and synthetic pearls here
  • Style for dives beyond the surface or ventures across many shores.
  • Please always ensure to take care of your jewellery, once it is in your hands, it is your responsibility. 
  • Wear with pride for our seas

Please note - Prices are subject to fluctuation of the sustainable silver and gold market.

FOR THE WILD - with each purchase you are paying for ethically derived, high quality materials, supporting the trade of professional craftsmen and women paid a legal wage with benefits, and you are giving 10% back to the wild as a donation to a registered Australian Environmental Charity.

Thank you, for joining our tribe, supporting ethical practices and giving back to the wild

Bandicoot contributes 10% of all profits towards Balu Blue Foundation, a Registered Australian Environmental Charity. 

Learn more about our efforts here.

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Packaging is one of the main factors that contribute to plastic pollution across the globe, we are committed to helping change this with our products.

By choosing eco-friendly options, we are helping the change the way people buy, lessening the amount of product packaging, promoting the use of recycled materials, and eliminating the use of toxic materials in the production of packaging.

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