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Apex Drop Hoops

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Take me to the depths - where the sharks roam 

A deep connection with the sea, thousands of stories, told through the eyes of the shark. Our Apex Collection captures a thousand memories, in the presence of one of the most important layers in our oceans eco-systems, sharks.

A presence to stand out, not to fear, but to respect. 

Our Apex Collection statement pieces are very delicate, as they include the most intricate details within their design, it is important to always handle with care. 

  • High Quality 925 Sterling Silver make up each handcrafted shark tooth, and 14mm diameter/ 0.9mm thick hoop, which connects together with a simple hook closure. 

  • Up-cycled 925 sterling silver makes up the 60mm drop chain

  • Sustainably sourced, lab created Aquamarine stone embedded into each delicate tooth design. 

  • Shark teeth texture hand-carved and inspired by the textures of real shark teeth, found at dive sites by Brinkley, all over the world. 

  • Designed to last, but with delicate handling

  • Style with care, be mindful, silver hoops do bend, be gentle when hooking them in! 925 Sterling silver is made to last, but this design deserves some extra love

  • Wear with pride for our seas.

Please Note - this special design is delicate in nature, our Apex Drop Hoops have been trialled and tested on many adventures. But for longevity and protection of the special features, we recommend treating them gently, and looking after them well in both storage, and wearing. Perfect for day-day wear, date nights, or special events. 

Please note - with each purchase you are paying for ethically derived, high quality materials, supporting the trade of professional craftsmen and women paid a legal wage with benefits, and you are giving 10% back to the wild as a donation to a registered Australian Environmental Charity.

Thank you, for joining our tribe, supporting ethical practices and giving back to the wild.

Bandicoot contributes 10% of all profits towards Balu Blue Foundation, a Registered Australian Environmental Charity. 

Learn more about our efforts here.

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