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Lolita Threads

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wild and free, we will roam . . . 

Lolita is designed for individuals who embody both fierceness and elegance, those who tread their own path. 

Inspired by the Orca, Lolita pays homage to these majestic creatures, whether through personal encounters or the lasting impressions they've left on our minds from a distance. Lolita is a truly unique collection that speaks volumes, yet also for those who cannot speak for themselves, those who yearn for the vast and boundless depths of the sea. May all Orca be wild and free. . . . . .

Wearing Lolita will undoubtedly make you stand out in any room, or beach, exuding a captivating presence.

Features - 

  • Handcrafted Unique Design by Brinkley Davies, inspired by the sea
  • High Quality 925 Sterling Silver make up the feature thread chain, Lolita pendant and details. 
  • Made to wear pulled through with the pendant sitting at the ear for a more secure wear, or half way pulled through for a more delicate look. 
  • Drop chain is 80mm in total length, with our silver finished bar 11mm in length. 
  • Wear paired together with any or all other Lolita items, or style alone. 
  • Stamped with 925 for proof or origin.  
  • Wear with pride for our seas

Estimated to land early December and be shipped out as soon as it its our warehouse!

Please note - Prices are subject to fluctuation of the sustainable silver market, and detailed featured. 

Care Guides - Please see our Care Guide for all information on how to best take care of your Bandicoot pieces. 

FOR THE WILD - with each purchase you are paying for ethically derived, high quality materials, supporting the trade of professional craftsmen and women paid a legal wage with benefits, and you are giving 10% back to the wild as a donation to a registered Australian Environmental Charity, the Balu Blue Foundation. 

Thank you, for joining our tribe, supporting ethical practices and giving back to the wild.

Bandicoot contributes 10% of all profits towards Balu Blue Foundation, a Registered Australian Environmental Charity. 

Learn more about our efforts here.

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